Passive Fire Protection Products

We offer a wide selection of passive fire protection products from Australia’s leading manufacturers including,

  • Cast-in & retrofit fire collars
  • Fire rated batts & board
  • Fire rated sealants & compounds
  • Intumescent fire dampers
  • And more
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Passive Fire Protection Systems

At Warland Consulting, we offer detailed passive fire advice and solutions for your new and existing buildings.

Training & Education

Don’t want to leave your team unprepared? Let’s talk! We invite you to engage our technical team to provide you with professional training of products, systems and installation of passive fire protection. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to guiding you with the right advice necessary for the installation, certification and training. Additionally, we deliver solutions that are ideal to keep your team and project passive fire compliant.

Inspections & Audits

We carry out fire safety inspections like nobody else! To maintain the right fire protection regulation, the occupier must make sure that each prescribed fire safety measure is quality assured and inspected on a regular basis. Warland Consulting helps you with these inspections which includes all existing and new passive fire installations and penetrations. Our team will carry out the thorough inspections required to maintain compliance with legislation guidelines.

Maintenance & Installation

We promise to ensure compliance by offering on-going maintenance! Our services include maintenance and installation of the fire protection products that are carried out by the experts we have on board. Additionally, we offer a complete fire safety maintenance package. We work with your team so your fire protection is taken seriously.