Passive Fire Consulting

We have skilled experts to guide architects, engineers, builders, certifiers, contractors, body corporate and fire professionals about the efficient designing process that can help assemble passive fire protection systems. We guide you with smart and effective use of passive fire products from the leading manufacturers which help you with the compartmentalisation of your building. We can also assist you with performance solutions based on the National Construction Code of Australia.

Project Management

By gathering the right knowledge about your project, we give you the relevant project management advice to meet the standards of the National Construction Code of Australia. We comply with the appropriate fire safety regulations that you can use in your overall design of a building as well as the management of applicable trades and services. Our experienced consultants can guide you throughout the complete project process from design to construction.

Project System Booklets

At Warland Consulting, we prepare project specific booklets which outlines your appropriate passive fire protection systems selected in detail. These include the details for the type of services being used, separating element details, products selected, nominated protection systems for each service, along with the appropriate test reports and assessments. This is a great detailed booklet to submit for project documentation.

Defect and Non-Conformance Resolution

With our vast experience in the passive fire industry we are the right company to team with to help review and address any defects and non-conformance issues that have been identified during the construction process or building audits. We can review reports, documentation and comments and advise on further action when required.

Product & System Selection

We value compliance over anything that’s why we give solutions that are focused on adhering to the National Construction Code of Australia and fire safety standards. Our expert guidance will help you select the right passive fire protection products and fire systems for your project. Our professionals will provide you with the essential information required for your project.

Market Research

We have skilled consultants who are specialised in market analysis. Our research is specifically related to the selection, development, installation and maintenance of passive fire safety products and systems throughout the construction industry. We help guide you with the advice that keeps you a step ahead from other competitors in the market.

Technical Advice

At Warland Consulting, we promise to deliver fire safety solutions that are most efficient and cost-effective. Our expertise includes guidelines, measures, control checks and advanced techniques including newest fire protection products and systems on the market. We are able to advise you on active and innovative performance based solutions that are ideal for both new and existing infrastructures.

QA Procedures

Warland Consulting will provide you with quality assurance procedures to help you plan the passive fire protection systems according to your project requirements. Our expert consultants will meet with all architects, engineers, builders, certifiers, contractors, body corporate and fire professionals involved with the project, to assist with the specification and approval process for the passive fire protection systems. Once approved we undergo regular site inspection and reporting of the product installation to assist with final compliance process for the project.